Armbrae's Leadership

The partnership between between Head of School, Stephen Clarke and Board Chair, Jill Hennigar, has created a collaborative and distributive leadership style that energizes the School.

Stephen Beatty, Headmaster of Royal St. George's College and Chair of Armbrae's CAIS Visiting Committee had this to say in the wake of Armbrae's accreditation visit in the fall of 2021:

“Following their own motto, Be Kind, Work Hard, the School, under the leadership of their much-respected Head of School, Armbrae has steadily worked to prepare for the long-term future of the School. Our Visiting Committee arrived at the school with its highest enrolment, a vibrant and energetic leadership team, a renewed and diverse Board of Governors, and a Head of School who is universally admired for his vision of what the School can be and his manifest love of what and who it already is.”

Executive Leadership Team

Name Title Full Bio
Stephen Clarke Head of School
Suzanne Morrison Admissions and Marketing Director
Meaghan Jackson Advancement Officer
Ashley Matthews-Duffett Auxiliary Programmes Director
Susan Beazley Athletics Director
Alex Rhinelander Information Technology Director
Rebecca Cornick PreSchool/PrePrimary Director
Tara Burt Lower School Director
Stephanie Sajatovich Middle School Director
Ally Read Upper School Director / Deputy Head of School
Megan Sernyk Director of Student Success

Board of Governors 2023-24

Armbrae’s Board of Governors is made up of alumni, parents, and other community members. Under the dedicated and passionate leadership of Jill Hennigar, Armbrae’s Board of Governors is responsible for advancing the School’s mission, vision and securing the future for the School.

Name Title Full Bio
Jill Hennigar Chair, Governance Committee Chair
Marc Beaubien Governor
Samuel Kiragu Governor
Rob Jeffery Treasurer, Finance Audit and Risk Committee Chair
Shakara Russell Governor
Nick Szymanis Governor, Academics Committee Chair
Shanti Dogra Secretary
Colin Roop Governor
Heather MacKnight Governor
Dr.Babar Haroon Governor, Chief Medical Advisor
Alyssa Hill Director of Finance and Operations

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