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The O’Connor Student Success Centre

Established in 2022, the O’Connor Student Success Centre, has proven to be a valuable resource for Armbrae students, aiming to provide individualized support to help them succeed in their educational journey. The Student Success Team is dedicated to supporting students with diverse learning styles and goals. To gain a better understanding, the primary features and services of the Student Success Centre are detailed below.

  • Individualized Support: The primary goal of the O’Connor Student Success Centre is to provide individualized support for each student. This means that the support offered is tailored to meet the specific needs and learning goals of every student.
  • Recognition of Diverse Learning Styles: The Student Success Team recognizes that every student learns differently. This is an important aspect of modern education, as students have unique strengths and preferences when it comes to learning. By acknowledging and addressing these differences, the Student Success Team aims to improve student outcomes.
  • Learning Strategists: the learning strategists work with students to understand their unique learning profiles. These professionals assess the student’s strengths, weaknesses, and learning styles to create a personalized plan for success.
  • Self-Advocacy:One of the goals of the student success team is to empower students to become self-advocates. This means that students will be taught how to identify their needs, request support, and take charge of their own learning. This skill is valuable for success not only in education but also in various aspects of life.
  • Skill Development: The Student Success Centre provides support in various essential skills for academic success. These include time management, organization, study skills, test-taking strategies, note-taking techniques, and building independence and confidence in learning. By providing these lessons, the centre equips students with tools to excel in their studies.
  • Overall, the O’Connor Student Success Centre is a comprehensive support system for students, designed to help them reach their full potential and achieve their academic goals. It’s a testament to the importance of recognizing and addressing the individual needs and learning styles of students to ensure their success.

    Identifying a Learning Challenge

    In some cases where students have not yet been identified with a learning challenge, the process unfolds as follows:

    1. A faculty member refers the student to the Director of Student Success.
    2. The Director collaborates with the teacher, the Division Director, and the Learning Strategist to gain insight into the student’s specific areas of need.
    3. Recommendations for classroom strategies that can support the student may be proposed.
    4. The Student Success Team closely monitors the student’s progress, maintaining open communication with the teacher and/or parents. Any necessary next steps are determined based on this evaluation.
    5. In certain instances, the Director of Student Success may recommend that the student undergo a psychoeducational assessment to gain a deeper understanding of their learning profile.
    6. Following the assessment, the Student Success Team convenes with the parents and faculty to review the student’s learning profile and the accommodations/strategies that have been suggested.

    English as an Additional Language (EAL)

    The Student Success Centre also overseas support for English as an Additional Language (EAL). In the Lower School, classroom teachers and Learning Strategists primarily provide English language support. In the Middle and Upper School, EAL students are assessed for their English proficiency, and subsequently placed in the appropriate EAL course.

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